The Amidas family stands out from among the cambion families, because as opposed to embracing their twisted demonic natures, they fight against them. The Amidas attempt to hold on to their humanity, morality, and their honor despite dark drives that they may still have. This often puts them at odds with other families, as they often seek to curtail other families’ worst abuses of humanity. They also work diligently to police their own members as well, as some succumb to the worst part of their natures. The Amidas family is relatively thin blooded and they exert less control over the breeding practices of young members and often even marry and reproduce out of love rather than family loyalty.

The Amidas have strong passions and sometimes lose control of them – experiencing terrible rages or bouts of depression, perhaps from the stress of trying to suppress rather than act on their dark urges. Much effort within the Amidas family is spent trying to suppress these feelings – meditation, prayer, philosophy, distractions, and various methods of venting their feelings are all common. Some even turn to drugs, alcohol, or other addictions.

The Amidas family has few supernatural abilities. To a large degree they eschew sorcery and witchcraft as they know that drawing power from such dark forces can only corrupt them eventually. Their blood is weak by Cambion standards and while their physical prowess is quite impressive for mortals, it pales by comparison to some others. Members of the Amidas family do, though, put a great deal of effort into learning to fight. Not merely close combat and martial arts, but many join the military or dedicate themselves to small unit tactics, mastering firearms, or even constructing explosives. The Amidas family also loves to utilize technology and any advantage that it can provide, especially against more conservative (if mystically potent) families. 

While they aren’t known for any particular supernatural abilities, the Amidas family has had a long tradition of adopting members of the other cambion families who have fled their own family. Because of this, the Amidas can manifest a variety of relatively weak supernatural abilities, sometimes even powers that other families are known for. Very few do the Amidas excel in any of these powers, they are quite weak compared to the mastery shown by many families, but the versatility of the Amidas give them certain advantages over more specialized families. Some Amidas display no supernatural abilities save for the enhanced physical prowess universal to all cambions and some will possess powers that are associated with a number of the families.  

It is not uncommon for the Amidas family to find itself in conflict with others families. The Amidas view themselves as good, or at least struggling to be, and so they seek to thwart some of the worst atrocities of other families. Though, because they cannot take on all of the other families together, they must use discretion, only fighting other families when the circumstances are truly dire or when they can form an alliance against one of the more evil families. This leads to the Amidas family being the black sheep of the cambions, not really respected but rather seen as a thorn in the side by other families.

The Amidas family allows young members to mate and marry with whom they desire, leading to many thin blooded Amidas and human extended families. This also leads them to being more physically diverse than other families. It is not uncommon to find members of the Amidas family of any race or ethnicity or mix of them. While they aren’t the wealthiest family, the Amidas are larger than many other families and have networks of human allies and extended family which can sometimes aid them in times of strife. This fact combined with the ability to interact with mortals allows them to gain greater influence and resources than families who find it difficult to adjust to modern mortal society.



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