Among all of the Cambion families, no other family embraces their demonic nature as do the Ascania. This family openly accepts their nature as evil personified and, in fact, have dedicated themselves to the worship of the Abrahamic fallen angel Satan. The Ascania see themselves then as dark priests of sorts, dedicated to opposing God and conquering Heaven itself in the name of the father Satan – who they believe to be the literal ancestor of their family as well as their spiritual father.

The Ascania embrace a philosophy which they hold as counter to Christianity – the embrace violence, deceit, fornication, and blasphemy. In practice, this ideology has become one which encourages not only the strong to dominate the weak, but for the treacherous to rule over the honorable. This also causes conflict and intrigues within this family, as rival siblings or cousins seek to prove themselves worthy of leading the family. Maintaining their religious dedication to serving Satan and opposing God causes them to attempt to maintain at least the appearance of family loyalty, though secret attempts to undermine family members is an ever present concern that sometimes causes the family to fail when a more cooperative family might have succeeded.

The Ascania believe in acquiring temporal wealth and power, they are obsessed with it in fact, not only as a path to greater power, but as a symbol of their devotion to avarice. Ascania are one of the wealthier and more influential Cambion families. The Ascania are dedicated not only to serving Satan, but in winning converts, in corrupting other Cambions as well as mortals. This activity takes the form of trying to morally corrupt humans through the use of the media and with wealth. They try to find a human’s weakness and use that to turn them to evil, either through sex, money, drugs, or what ever other vice a human might have. Those people who are sufficiently debauched will be invited to join the worship of Satan.

Members of the Ascania family usually extremely attractive. They are tall and fit with perfect features. They tend to have very fair skin, blonde hair, and light blue eyes. The few exceptions are those individuals who have entirely dedicated themselves to the worship of Satan, the family priests, whose dark magic causes them to take on reptilian characteristics such as scaly skin, extended faces full of fangs, serpentine eyes, or even scaly wings. In recent years, a bit of a schism has arisen in this already fractious family between those devout worshipers of the Devil and members of the family who are more interested in worldly power than impiety.

Among the powers commanded by the Ascania are a supernatural ability to manipulate emotions, to create passions in others especially dark ones. Some members of the family can sense emotions or in some cases discern moral frailty and sin with a glance or sometimes a touch. Both of these abilities serve the Ascania well in attaining temporal power. The Ascania are also masters of fire. Their skin always feels a bit warm to the touch and they are immune to all fire or extremes of heat. When they become angry their skin grows even hotter, becoming painful to the touch and their eye start to glow with fiery heat. Many Ascania can call upon this fire, using it to burn their foes. When they become angry, their ability to manipulate fire and heat increases and they can wreath themselves in flames as their eyes glow with fiery intensity. The more powerful the Ascania, the hotter their flames. The weakest among the family may only be able to burn a mortal with a touch, others can call upon red and orange flames, while the pure blooded ancients can summon blue flames that can even blind mortals who look upon them. Elder Ascania and those who have trained themselves in the mastery of hellfire can cause foes to burst into flames, burn down buildings, or melt cars into slag with a wave of their hand. The dark priests of the Ascania few the dragon features as Satan’s blessing, though the more secular Ascania who treasure their ability to interact with mortals avoid delving too deeply into the mystical rites of the family.



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