Legacy causes strange mutations in cambions that can affect their minds or bodies. This could included a deformed bone structure, an unnatural repulsive appearance, inhuman behavior, or even strange ways of thinking. Every point of Legacy that a cambion has gives it a point of Corruption as well.

For each point of Corruption that a Cambion has, it receives a +1 difficulty penalty to a single attribute of the player’s choice. This can be applied to a single attribute up to three times, though if it is applied to an attribute the third time, this attribute becomes zero and all rolls requiring the use of that attribute automatically fail. For example, a cambion with five points of Corruption could receive a +3 penalty to Appearance and it’s Appearance becomes zero, representing the fact that it is a hideous monster. It could then take a +1 difficulty to Wits rolls because it occasionally hears whispers in its head that distract it and a +1 difficulty to Dexterity rolls represented a twisted spine that hinders a full range of movement. 

The above difficulty modifiers have one exception when it comes to social rolls. The penalties to social rolls become bonuses if that is a social roll to intimidate.

Alternatively, instead of taking the above penalties to attribute rolls, a cambion can spend their Corruption points taking some of the flaws below. Certain flaws from the list below can only be selected by certain families.

Rural ( Ivorix only)
Ivorix can spend Corruption to gain +1 difficulty per point to all rolls made in an urban environment instead. This includes large cities, but not small towns. Up to three Corruption can be spent this way and if 3 points are spent, the Ivorix cannot enter a city at all.

Sunlight Vulnerability ( Mordua only)
In the sunlight, the Mordua suffer a level of aggravated damage every turn for each point of Corruption spent, this damage can only be soaked with clothing: 1 die for minimal coverage like underwear, 2 dice for sparse covering like shorts and a t-shirt, 3 dice for normal attire, 4 dice for heavy clothing and coat, 5 dice for almost complete coverage with hat and sunglasses, and 6 dice for full body coverage including a mask.

Nocturnal ( Mordua or Ivorix only)
A cambion may spend Corruption to become nocturnal, suffering a +1 difficulty to all rolls during the day time per Corruption point spent, to a maximum of +3 which forces the cambion to sleep during the day. This is not merely a human sleep, it is a comatose state from which the cambion cannot awaken even if it is receiving injuries.

Sinful ( Ascania or Vesian only)
Each point of corruption can give the Cambion one additional point of Dark Desires.

Demonic Visage
For two points of Corruption, the cambion looks like an obvious monster that cannot pass for being anything less than a supernatural creature. For members of the Krann or Sklavi families, this only uses one point of Corruption as they have ways of hiding their appearance.

Weak Willed
For each point of Corruption spent, the difficulty of all Dark Desire rolls is decreased by 2.

Faith Vulnerability
For one point, all human enemies of the cambion have a true faith effectively 2 points higher for the purposes of harming the cambion with holy items, prayers, or other symbols of faith. This means that even faithless humans can attack the cambion with holy symbols.


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