Dark Desires

All cambions start with 3 points of Dark Desires plus their Legacy. They can be spread across any of the following Dark Desires. When ever a temptation arises to indulge in one of these terrible acts, the cambion’s player must roll a number of dice equal to their score in that Dark Desire. A success means that the cambion succumbs to temptation. The more successes, the more completely the cambions falls to darkness. A cambion only needs to roll to resist Dark Desires that it has put points into.

If a cambion’s Urge score should ever rise above 10, the cambion is driven temporarily mad with the compulsion to act out on its higher Dark Desire and will begin an orgy of destruction that will last one hour per point of Urge over 10. Each hour of such madness reduces the cambion’s Urge by 1. This temporary madness is called Perdition.

The difficulty of a Dark Desire roll is 10 minus the cambion’s current number of Urge points, though particularly enticing temptations may decrease the difficulty. A single success will be enough to give into temptation if it is convenient to do so (a quicky with a sexual partner that has a room available) where is 5 successes makes the cambion ignore all other concerns – tearing off the clothes of your object of desire in front of a crowded party.

When a cambion enters Perdition, it becomes abnormally powerful and experiences half wound penalties (rounded down) and -1 difficulty to all physical rolls, including combat, and -2 difficulty to Willpower rolls as long as they don’t involve resisting the Perdition. .

This is the desire for sex and sexual pleasure. While sexual preferences and fetishes vary, the basic drive is quite simple. Temptations include willing and attractive potential sexual partners. When a cambion enters Lust Perdition, it seeks out sexual congress with almost any target – human, adult, child, and even animal. It will seek out beautiful and willing partners, but neither condition is required. If a partner cannot be found, the cambion will masturbate for the duration of the perdition, causing it to take 1 level of bashing damage per hour.

This is the powerful desire to consume human flesh. Temptations include dead foes combined with a lack of witnesses. Cannibalism Perdition causes the cambion to attack any human in sight in order to kill it and devour his or her flesh. If the cambion cannot find suitable victims, it must devour it’s own flesh – suffering one level of aggravated damage per hour.

This is a strong desire for material possessions along with money. All cambions with with Dark Desire crave money, but they also long for other material possessions as well – some may like fancy cars, others jewelry, some are gun aficionados. The player and Storyteller should discuss some possessions which the cambion craves. There should be at least one additional category of items desired per point of Covetousness. Temptations would include bribes or offers of money, seeing money or valuable items that can be easily stolen. Covetousness Perdition causes the cambion to run amok stealing any item which it perceives to be valuable or that might strike its fancy. If unprotected valuables aren’t available, it will attack people in order to rob them. If no valuable property is available, the cambion will stuff its pockets with dirt, trash, or rocks.

This the is desire to inflict pain and suffering on others. This doesn’t just have to be torture (though it often is) but it can also include bullying, ridicule, humiliation, or even causing damage which the cambion knows will cause emotional harm. Temptations include vulnerable victims which the cambion can inflict suffering upon. A vulnerable victim would include a captive which could be physically tortured, an ugly person who is very sensitive about their appearance and who could be insulted or ridiculed, a child with a kitten (which the cambion could torture or kill), the list is nearly endless. For a cambion in a Sadism Perdition, psychological torture is seldom enough. The cambion will fall upon any vulnerable human or animal to capture it and them torture it in the most horrific way possible. If the cambion cannot find a suitable victim, it must inflict pain upon itself, taking one level of aggravated damage per hour.

This Dark Desire causes the cambion to seek self aggrandizement when it it can. The cambion will tell stories of its own greatness, which usually includes lies and half truths to gain attention and accolades. That is only the half of it, the cambion will also seek to belittle and disparage anyone that it sees as a rival in in way, anyone who might have some advantage over the cambion will be an object of hatred. The temptation for this is ever present, all social situations are opportunities for the cambion to sing its own praises or disparage others. A Narcissism Perdition goes beyond merely bragging. The cambion will try to kill anyone it perceives as being superior to it or having some advantage that it does not.

The cambion is lazy and hates to exert itself at all. All the world is a temptation to this cambion, for each strenuous task which the cambion may endeavor to undertake requires a Dark Desire roll and a success means that the cambion decides not to do that. Of course, if there is some pressing need the cambion might act anyway, unless it scores 5 or more successes, in which case it wont even run fight to defend itself. A Sloth Perdition causes the cambion to become catatonic for the full duration.

The cambion is burning with rage and when angered it will become violent with the source of it’s anger. Temptations include insults, slights, and any time it is wronged. Extreme frustration might also require a roll – such as the cambion’s computer crashing while it is writing an unsaved document. A successful Wrath roll causes the cambion to attack the source of its anger and fight until one of the two is destroyed. A Wrath Perdition is very straightforward, the cambions attacks anything in sight with the intent to kill it. If it cannot find a victim, it will attack itself, inflicting 1 lethal wound per hour.

The cambion is fearful, especially of things which could cause it serious bodily harm or even kill it. Temptations include anything that the cambion perceives to be dangerous and falling to temptation would indicate that the cambions flees from the source of its fear or at least refuses to take actions that will put it into danger. A Cowardice Perdition means that the cambions runs screaming from anything – insects, children, passing traffic. Alternatively, the cambion may collapse into a catatonic state weeping or moaning in a fetal position until the Perdition subsides.

Dark Desires

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