The Ephrati are unique among the cambion families because they consider themselves not the descendants of demons, or even of creatures which transcend moral classification, but instead as the descendants of angels. The Ephrati see themselves a holy family, uniquely blessed by God. Contrary to what one might imagine, this belief does not drive the Ephrati family towards goodness and virtue. Quite to the contrary, the Ephrati family may be one of the most wicked of any of the cambion families. They see humanity as nothing more than chattel, to be used and abused as they desire and ultimately to be enslaved or even sacrificed for the benefit of the Ephrati.

The Ephrati believe that God has anointed them, and them alone, to rule over all of humanity and elevated them to a level where moral law no longer applies. They see it as their right to inflict what ever harm on humans that they please – even the most innocent of humans. The goal of the Ephrati is to eventually openly rule the world, with humanity completely subject to their every whim. To achieve this goal, they believe it is first necessary to bring down human civilization – to spread misery and suffering, to foster hatred and vice, to encourage conflict and immorality until human society must turn to the Ephrati as their saviors.

In their mission to bring down the world’s civilization, the Ephrati seek power within both the business and political worlds. They amass great wealth and power and use this to cause as much misfortune as possible. They are even involved in organized crime, including child pornography, sex slavery, kidnapping, racketeering, contract killing, and other activities. Because of their supernaturally enhanced luck, they excel at gambling and games of chance, and this is another major source of income and influence for them.

The Ephrati have some of the strange quirks that many families have, though they also believe in maintaining contact with humanity and staying abreast of human affairs. The Ephrati do not isolate themselves as many families do, but instead send the young members of their family into the world to learn mortal ways. This often involves going to a university, especially a prestigious one, and pursuing some profession. Common professions desired by the Ephrati include law, business, finance, banking, journalism, entertainment, and sometimes even academia. Because the family maintains close connections to each other, they can use these contacts to rise within their chosen profession before they must retire from the mortal world because of their slow aging. Needless to say, the Ephrati are one of the wealthier and more well connected of the cambion families.

The Ephrati don’t have particularly weak or strong blood as cambion families go, they walk a line between the more supernaturally potent inbred families and the well adjusted thin blooded families. As a result, they seldom look inhuman, though they tend to have a distinctive appearance. They tend to be tall and willowy, with olive colored skin and dark hair, though their eyes have an amber or even golden appearance. They tend not be be attractive in the traditional sense, but seem to carry with them an aura of dignity and authority that makes humans inclined to trust them. They tend to wear expensive fashionable clothing, attire befitting their wealth and status.

While the Ephrati have few scruples when it comes to dealing with mortals, they are a little bit nicer to each other. They believe that it is their duty to help any other family member in need when ever possible. This tradition exists more in theory than in practice, and while they are not nearly as vicious with each other as they are with humans, they frequently work to one-up or undermine each other and have as little guilt for doing so as they do for harming mortals. Ultimately, the Ephrati believe that God does not hold them accountable for any sin, and so they need never feel guilt for any misdeed.

The supernatural abilities of the Ephrati are linked to deception. Even the most young and inexperienced Ephrati can tell lies that even the most discerning individual might believe. As they grow in age and power, the Ephrati’s lies become supernaturally potent and they can convince people to believe things that contradict what they can see with their own eyes. These supernatural deceptions can even be used to erase or alter people’s memories, convincing them that things happened in their past that did not, or can even be used to cause a victim to experience hallucinations.

The one supernatural ability that the Ephrati are known for is potent if rather subtle. They can manipulate luck and chance, usually giving themselves slightly better odds at any game of chance or random event, while giving their opponents a slightly lower chance of victory. This ability is almost always subtle and is often used subconsciously with relatively young Ephrati. Only a handful of the oldest and most potent Ephrati can change chance so as to be obviously unnatural, such as causing all of the shrapnel of a nearby explosion to miss the Ephrati, leaving it unharmed – and even in those cases it requires a great expenditure of mystical energy.

While the Ephrati have contempt for mortals, their animosity is even stronger for the other cambion families who they see as descendants of demons and thus their eternal enemies. Despite this belief, the Ephrati do have dealings with the other families on occasion and even make temporary alliances with them. They betray these alliances at their convenience, stabbing their former allies in the back at the most opportune times. Because of this, the Ephrati are despised by all of the other families, though most cambions do not know of the ultimate goals of the Ephrati nor of their claim to be descended from angels.



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