Hobs are minor Fae-like beings who live on the peripheries of human society. They have a supernatural need, it is for charity. While a vampire may crave blood, the hob must have the energy created when a mortal gives of themselves to a person in need. This is why Hobs live the lives they do – as the homeless, vagrants, hobos, wanderers, the impoverished. They live among the lowest rung of human society and beg for their food and shelter. Unknown to humans who may give to them or reject them, it is the charity itself that feeds the hob, not what is given.

When a mortal gives to a hob, it allows that hob to use subtle beneficial magic on that person. This could include curing ailments, improving their emotional state, providing good luck, or banishing negative supernatural effects created by other beings. When a human rejects a hob, refusing to give to them, it makes that human vulnerable to curses from the hob – including minor ailments like developing rashes, getting a flu, having bad luck, or the like. The greater the charity shown to a hob, or the greater the cruelty in denying them, the more powerful a hob’s beneficial or harmful magic can be. It matters less what is given than how much effort the giver put into helping the hob, a hundred dollar bill from a billionaire may barely help the hob at all, while an old half eaten sandwich from a starving mortal may greatly invigorate the hob and give them the ability to help the giver in many useful ways.

In their natural form, hobs look like small humanoids with leathery brown skin, thick hair, and large luminescent eyes. Mortals seldom see their true forms though, as hobs can naturally create an illusion surrounding themselves to appear like humans – though their human forms are always unusually short, with brownish or tanned weather beaten skin, and the rough appearance of one living in poverty. Hobs also have the ability to cloud the minds of mortals, letting them hide from humans even in plain sight. This power usually only works when the Hobs maintain a low profile, taking minimal action and staying out of the way. Drawing attention to themselves will cause their powers to fail.

Hobs are long lived, existing for hundreds of years, but they do still age and must reproduce. They do this by finding abandoned human children and raising them as their own, feeding those children from the energy they gain from receiving charity until adolescence when the child has become a full hob.

Hobs aren’t particularly strong, though they tend to be quite dextrous and tough, especially in their ability to endure the elements. Hobs heal quickly from injuries that would cripple or kill a mortal, unless that damage inflicted by magic or weapons made of iron or steel. Iron and steel weapons inflict lethal injuries to Hobs and even the touch of these metals creates pain for a Hob and seems to drain their health and vitality.

The hobs do not know their true origin. Some say that they began as faeries of great power who were cast out from their homes and stripped of most of their powers. Others say that they come from a line of wealthy humans who cruelly rejected the request for food from a faerie in disguise and were cursed to wander the land depending on aid from others. There are many different stories about their origins, as hobs have spread across the world and have blended their legends with the legends of the many human cultures they have touched or been touched by.



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