The Ivorix are passionate, violent, and sensual. They embrace their animalistic nature, enjoying the bliss of sexuality and the thrill of the kill. The Ivorix feel at home in the wild places away from population centers, where they can live as they desire without the fetters of modern human society. They practice a form of sorcery and mysticism based around their connection with nature and their primal side – rituals conducted beneath the full wood and within ancient groves, rituals of sex and blood giving honor to the primordial forest and their demonic ancestors.

The Ivorix have a sort of feral beauty about them. Many family members can mostly pass for human though with a certain animalistic or earthy quality to them. Most of the Ivorix have flaming red hair which they wear long, including beards for men, and their skin is fair or ruddy. All members of the Ivorix family have unusually animalistic eyes, like those of a wolf or cat. These eyes are strangely luminescent, seemingly to glow in the presence of light. For the elder members of the family or those of purest blood, they usually have more obviously inhuman characteristics. This often includes horns or antlers upon their heads, clawed hands or fanged teeth, fur or scales on certain parts of the skin, wings, or any number of other animalistic features. It is then left to the younger members of the family to interact with humanity, as the elders cannot pass for human.

The Ivorix exude a certain animal magnetism that has the ability to charm humans. Humans are drawn to them, feel a compulsion to obey them, to fear and yet be captivated by them. They also exude an aura of sexuality that arouses mortals even if they don’t understand why. This allows the Ivorix to seduce mortals with ease, but also to lead and influence them in other areas of life, should they be inclined to do so. The Ivorix also have extremely heightened senses, the sense of smell like a bloodhound or the night vision of a cat. The power that the Ivorix are most known for is their ability to control the minds of animals. All animals feel compelled to serve and obey the Ivorix and for the more skilled members of the family this can include more overt control over the thoughts of animals, sometimes even the ability to see through they eyes and command their thoughts from vast distances away. Many Ivorix can even transform themselves into the shape of animals or take on animal characteristics, such as growing claws like a tiger or even wings like a bat or bird.

The Ivorix also have a supernatural connection to the forest they dwell in which establishes itself after many years of ritual and communion with nature. They have the ability to feel when someone or something is in their territory, as though the trees, earth, and stones speak to them. For the very ancient and powerful among the Ivorix, they may even animate plants or earth to do their bidding. Many Ivorix domains have been inhabited by them for centuries, in some cases the family has been dwelling in a single abode for millennia. The longer a forest has been under the control of the Ivorix, the more the dark nature of the Ivorix is reflected by that forest – the trees seem dark and twisted, almost seeming to reach out towards strangers, the animals grow large and ferocious, protective of their Ivorix masters and hostile to strangers, and even the earth and stone seems unnatural.

Finally, the Ivorix practice a form of sorcery tied to nature, this magic often involves night long rituals, orgies, or even blood sacrifices of animals or humans. These rituals are often conducted on the night of the full moon when the magic of the Ivorix is usually at its most powerful. The Ivorix are some of the most potent magic users among the families, especially deep within their forests and especially on certain nights of the year. For the Ivorix, witchcraft is not just a path to power, but a spiritual pursuit, a communion with forces greater than themselves.

The Ivorix shun human cities, though they sometimes reside in small rural communities among the humans there. Many times, these Ivorix see themselves are spiritual leaders of humanity, encouraging mortals to embrace their animal passions and connection to nature and the earth. Those Ivorix who take greater interests in influencing human society usually have a strong tendency to Social Darwinism, encouraging the strong to flourish and the weak to perish.



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