The Krann have a mostly human appearance, a bit strange looking as a result of years of inbreeding, but nothing that wouldn’t permit them to pass as humans. The Krann have a strange look about them, not obviously inhuman but ugly and distinctively inbred. The size and shape of the Vesian seems to vary more than most other families. Krann usually have tanned skin and dark hair and eyes, like a person from southern Europe, though there is some diversity in this regard. Some are exceptionally tall while others unusually short. Some members of the family grow immensely fat while others seem to be nothing more than skin and bone. Most Krann also have an androgynous look about them as well, and sometimes outsiders have trouble distinguishing between male and female Krann. The Krann usually don’t give much concern to fashion and dress more for convenience than to impress, and their clothing is often old disheveled or even tattered.

Krann can read human minds at a glance, looking not only into surface thoughts, but gazing deep into the memories and subconscious of the victim. Seeing their worst fears, greatest secrets, hidden shames, and subconscious mental issues. They can then bring these fears and secrets to life before a victim’s eyes, making their worst fears real. They can bring forth memories of dead relatives, of slain foes, or childhood nightmares. These illusions can cause physical pain as the are so realistic and can cause some to pass out or even die from fear.

The Krann can also enter into the dreams of those people they have before encountered. They can learn their secrets from these dreams, give them terrible nightmares, or sometimes even drive people insane by giving them horrifyingly realistic dreams. While physically weaker than some cambions, the Krann draw power from the fear of their victims and can seem to become much more powerful when facing a terrified enemy. The Krann can also gain strange insights into the future or past when the themselves dream, sometimes these dreams can allow the Krann to learn magical secrets from their demonic ancestors in these magical dreams. The Krann are immune to fear themselves and take delight in the most frightening and repulsive sights that humans can imagine. The Krann can also use their illusionary powers to make themselves appear as other people (such as an old friend taken from a victim’s mind) or cloud the minds of humans so as to walk unseen and unheard.

Some Krann learn to use their powers to access other kinds of information from the psyches of their victims. This sometimes includes their dark secrets or most perverse fantasies. The Krann will the use this information to torment or tempt the human subject, sometimes even taking delight in learning the most tantalizing secrets of mortals or exploiting those secrets in sadistic or lascivious ways.

They are more bookish than physical in nature and may be the most scholarly Cambion family. They study ancient mysteries, both from their mystical dreams and from more mundane research. They also document the various fears and dreams of the humans they have encountered, giving them a vast library of nightmares which they believe gives them greater insight into humanity and even the nature of reality. Some Krann even study science, with a special interest in psychology and medicine.

Because of their ability to delve into human minds and read their members, along with the power over illusions, allowing the Krann family to be masters of secrets as well as fear. They often sell their services to other families, trading secrets for money or other famous.



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