Legacy is a trait which represents how pure a cambion’s demonic blood is. Over the course of many generations, cambion families have maintained the purity of their demonic blood through incest and inbreeding, though they have also occasionally brought in new human blood into their midst. The higher a cambion’s Legacy trait, the purer their demonic blood and the more mystically potent they are. Unfortunately, a high Legacy value means that the cambion is also more inbred and likely to suffer from strange maladies or even carry demonic taints that make it harder for them to interact with mortals or that give them unnatural weaknesses.

Players may choose the Legacy score of their cambion character, within limits determined by Family.

At 0 Legacy, a cambion is weak blooded, a mix between human and cambion. This cambion takes lethal damage from true faith. At higher levels of Legacy, a cambion takes a number of extra dice of damage from true faith equal to Legacy. This damage is aggravated and cannot be soaked. The difficulty to use true faith attack against cambions is 8 minus the cambion’s Legacy.

Cambions with a Legacy of 0 can soak lethal and bashing damage with Stamina, but not aggravated damage. Cambions with 1 or more Legacy can soak aggravated damage with Stamina, save for damage caused by True Faith.

Each point of Legacy gives the cambion another point of Dark Desires.

A Cambion with a zero Legacy may only gain levels of Maleficia up to level 3.

The cost of Maleficia is lower for cambions with higher Legacy. The experience or freebie cost of buying a Maleficium is the level times (9-Legacy). This means that a Legacy 4 cambion could buy a level 3 Maleficium for 15 experience while a Legacy 0 cambion would require 27 experience.

For traits with a maximum of 5, every level of Legacy increases the trait maximum by one. So, for example, a cambion with a legacy of 3 could raise its Intelligence to 8.

Legacy causes strange mutations in cambions that can affect their minds or bodies. This could included a deformed bone structure, an unnatural repulsive appearance, inhuman behavior, or even strange ways of thinking. Cambions receive one point of Corruption for each point of Legacy, though Corruption can be reduced by 1 for each 5 freebie points spent, but only at character generation.

For more information, see Corruption.

The higher a cambion’s Legacy, the more slowly it ages and the longer it can be expected to live.
0: 150 years
1: 200 years
2: 300 years
3: 500 years
4: 700 years
5: 1000 years


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