The Mordua are descended from demons of darkness, night, and freezing cold. They are known for their dispassionate natures, being less controlled by their emotions and more by their rationality. They are more hierarchal and organized than many other families, more controlled in many senses. They feel that it is their duty to maintain order among the families, to enforce relative peace and cooperation as well as making sure that mortals don’t learn of the existence of cambions.

The Mordua are not merely selfish as many other families are, they believe that their family has a purpose. That purpose is to bring complete peace and stability to all of reality – the intend to do this by purging all reality of life. It is the belief of the Mordua that existence itself is suffering, especially thought and emption, and by purging these things they can end that terrible suffering. They tend to keep this goal secret from the other families, who may be cruel and evil, but would rather not see all life perish.

A Mordua begins the purge of emotions and thought from within. They believe in suppressing all of their emotions and passions – their fear, desire, lust, hatred, and happiness. All that should remain is the cold determination to purge this reality of life. Unfortunately for the Mordua, this dispassionate nature has resulted in a lack of drive as well and through the centuries the family has sharply declined in number as well as influence. In the ancient past, the Mordua were quite a powerful family and were greatly feared. Now they use great caution in dealing with other families.

While they cannot come close to achieving their goals to end life itself, they do cause death when they can and their unique magical talents allow them to act as spies and, and even more appropriately, assassins among the cambion families. Obviously, other cambion families don’t take kindly to having their members slain by the Mordua, and so have had to retaliate against them a number of times over the years and even threaten them with destruction. Now the Mordua still fight to maintain relevance among the cambion families, but now must act subtly and often by building alliances with other families.

All Mordua have skin as white and cold as snow, with solid black eyes and sclera that seem to radiate darkness. Many Mordua are entirely hairless, though for those who have hair, it is raven black. The Mordua also favor black clothing, giving most a gothic macabre style and appearance.

The Mordua have power over a number of supernatural forces. The Mordua can control darkness and night. They can call forth shadows and cloak an area in darkness, obscuring all vision save for that of other Mordua. These shadows seem unusually cold for those enveloped in them and frightening as well. Older Mordua can give these shadows more tangible form, forming tendrils of pure darkness that can lift foes from the ground or strangle them, their touch chilling victims to the bone. With enough power or will, the Mordua can make these shadows even colder, freezing water, causing frost to form around, and killing those beings susceptible to cold. Many Mordua also have power over what they call Abyssal Flame, fire that they can call forth which burns black and seems to emanate darkness instead of light. This flame burns icy cold and can freeze living things solid and make them shatter like glass.

The Mordua also have some control over space, especially with the aid of darkness. Some Mordua can peer through shadows and see through other shadows elsewhere, allowing them to see far off places as long as those places have enough shadow and darkness. They can step through a large enough shadow and travel miles in an instant. More powerful Mordia can teleport vast distances without stepping through shadows at all. Some can even bend space, making a fleeing foe’s pathway seem to stretch out like some kind of nightmare or to walk upon walls or ceilings as though they were floors.

Despite their power, Mordua also have a weakness to light. Bright light is painful to their eyes and a fully illuminated area effectively blinds them. The direct light of the sun causes their flesh to seem to rot and wither and significantly reduces their mystical and physical power. The Mordua seldom leave their havens during the day and when they do, they must take cautions to cover themselves from the light of the sun. Many Mordua wear sunglasses even at night, both to hide their unnaturally black eyes from humans and to shade their eyes from the discomfort of artificial lights that they might encounter.



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