The Sklavi are the least human of any family, the most bizarre, inbred, and twisted. There are virtually no male members of the Sklavi family, they are all female save for a handful of patriarchs. These patriarchs take and devour any male infant born, consuming the babe’s soul as well as flesh and so increasing their own mystical power. The Sklavi family is divided into several branches, each with a patriarch ruling over his daughter wives. The Sklavi also have a taste for the flesh of humans and cannibalism often increases their mystical abilities.

The Sklavi have a distinctly unnatural look about them. They are hairless and pale with strangely bright or glowing green eyes. Their bone structure seems odd, as though not exactly human, with sometimes twisted or misshapen limbs, humped backs, asymmetric features, or other deformities. Sklavi are chaotic creatures and so their deformities are particularly strange, as they change over time, sometimes from week to week or in some cases over the course of minutes. One day they will have a humped back, the next they will straighten out but their arms will be long and legs short. They also usually have a feral almost animalistic look to their faces with unusually large mouths filled with sharp teeth as well as clawed fingers. Despite their strange appearance, some Sklavi may possess a certain inhuman beauty or sensuality, at least temporarily. The daily appearance of a Sklavi may reflect it’s mood to some degree. An amorous Sklavi may subconsciously become more attractive, while the same Sklavi in pitched combat may be terrifying and monstrous.

With age and practice, the Sklavi can control their physical forms – growing claws, stretching or compressing their bodies, sometimes even making themselves beautiful for a time. Consuming human flesh helps connect them to humanity physically, allowing them to more easily assume a beautiful form. In some cases, particularly skilled Sklavi can even assume the form of one of their consumed victims. As Sklavi become truly ancient, their minds become less human and they no longer like to assume humanoid forms and appear as nightmarish abominations more than anything resembling a human. Despite their inhuman appearance, the Sklavi do have a distinctly female appearance and quality about them that seems to transcend their strange features – except for the patriarchs whose mere appearance it is said will drive mortals mad.

The Sklavi are also extremely tough and resilient, even for Cambions, with wounds they suffer healing so quickly that its almost like liquid flowing back together rather than flesh healing. The exception being damage from fire or from holy or blessed weapons. Sklavi are the most pure blooded of the cambions and so are mystically the strongest, though they are likewise the most vulnerable to demonic weaknesses and those least able to coexist with humanity.

The Sklavi are inhuman not only in body but in mind as well. It is said that the patriarchs descend from bizarre eldritch horrors which the human mind cannot even conceive of. They are creatures of chaos and change, they are insane by mortal standards, with wildly swinging moods and personalities, sometimes experiencing hallucinations or other psychological maladies. While some can transform into beautiful humans, few have the social skills to maintain this masquerade for long with acting out in some bizarre manner.  Most would say that these mental conditions are from their minds mutating and shifting as easily as their bodies, though the Sklavi often contend that their insanity is a result of their ability to see beyond the illusion that others call reality. Indeed, sometimes their weird visions give them some forms of insight. Beyond being merely insane, the Sklavi tend to have an alien mindset with strange desires and compulsions, with no sense of compassion or even restraint. The Sklavi are known for some of the most perverse of all practices among the cambion families, engaging in orgies of sex, violence, and/or cannibalism routinely. They are typically cruel and calloused, with little regard for human life, though they are almost all completely dedicated to the patriarch masters.  

In addition to changing their own bodies, other things tend to change in the presence or under the influence of the Sklavi. Some can cause strange mutations with a touch of their hand, can cause an inanimate object to become twisted or distorted. Some particularly skilled Sklavi can even direct these changes to living things, shaping animate or even living matter as they desire. Most notably, the presence of the Sklavi can drive others insane, twisting their minds in strange and unpredictable ways and often elder Sklavi can deliberately force this on their foes. Often the madness inflicted by elder Sklavi on enemies cause them to see terrible visions of their worst fears. Other cambions are resistant to the chaotic effects of the Sklavi, but not completely immune.

Despite their madness, the Sklavi are talented sorceresses. While members of other families might have to study for years to achieve some magical talent or perform a ritual lasting the night to create a supernatural effect, many Sklavi intuitively develop spells and can cast them virtually at will without the great effort required by most other cambions. Of course, because of the insane and chaotic nature of the Sklavi, these spells often create strange side effects that even the Sklavi themselves cannot prevent or predict.



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