The use of certain dark powers, such as Maleficia or Goetia, gives a cambion Urge. Urge is a supernaturally strong desire to commit terrible acts. As Urge increases, the compulsion to do horrible things becomes so strong that eventually a cambion can no longer resist. Urge can only be eliminated in a few specific ways, all of which are based on a cambion’s family.

If a cambion’s Urge score should ever rise above 10, the cambion is driven temporarily mad with the compulsion to act out on its highest Dark Desire and will begin an orgy of destruction that will last one hour per point of Urge over 10. Each hour of such madness reduces the cambion’s Urge by 1. This temporary madness is called Perdition.

The difficulty of a Dark Desire roll is 10 minus the cambion’s current number of Urge points, though particularly enticing temptations may decrease the difficulty. A single success will be enough to give into temptation if it is convenient to do so (a quicky with a sexual partner that has a room available) where is 5 successes makes the cambion ignore all other concerns – tearing off the clothes of your object of desire in front of a crowded party.

When a cambion enters Perdition, it becomes abnormally powerful and experiences half wound penalties (rounded down) and -1 difficulty to all physical rolls, including combat, and -2 difficulty to Willpower rolls as long as they don’t involve resisting the Perdition.

When a cambion’s Maleficium or Goetia emulates (is modeled after) a vampire’s power such as a Discipline or Thaumaturgy Path, instead of expending Blood Points, the cambion instead gains that equivalent amount of Urge.

Urge Reduction
The way that a cabin can reduce it’s Urge (aside from going into Perdition, below) depends on the family of the cambion.

Amidas eliminate Urge per spending Willpower. Each point of Willpower spent eliminates 1 point of Urge.

Ascania eliminate Urge by satiating their Dark Desires. Each time an Ascania acts on a Dark Desire, it loses a point of Urge. Furthermore, engaging in a profane ritual, that lasts at least most of a day) that involves some terrible blasphemy or evil act (human sacrifice, raping a virgin, defiling a church, corrupting a child, etc.) eliminates one point of Urge as well.

Ephrati eliminate their Urge through prayer and devotion. They must seclude themselves for one day, during which time they fast and pray. Any major activity breaks the tranquility and forces them to start over. At the end of the 24 hour period, they lose a point of Urge.

Ivorix can eliminate Urge through engaging in rituals. Each night long ritual eliminates one point of Urge. Also, hunting a challenging animal or human prey, killing, and then devouring part of that prey also eliminates 1 Urge.

Krann eliminate Urge through their dreams. They enter a state of deep sleep, during which time their minds dream and their souls float about experiences the worst nightmares of humanity. Each full day of such sleep causes the Krann to lose one point of Urge.

The Mordua eliminate Urge by allowing themselves to sink into nothingness, which allows for the cleansing of their soul. To do this the Mordua goes to some dark secluded location and meditates until it disappears. The Mordua remains gone until it’s Urge is reduced to zero, which takes one full day per point of Urge that it had. An alternative method is to slay a human or other sentient being, doing this causes the Mordua to lose a single point of Urge.

Sklavi eliminate Urge by consuming human flesh. Each adult human has enough flesh to reduce the Sklavi Urge by 5, though (assuming the human is alive and survives) each Urge lost must inflict at least 2 health levels of aggravated damage. Another way to eliminate Urge is to have sex with the Sklavi’s patriarch, which eliminates all of the Sklavi’s Urge.

The Vesian can eliminate Urge through either wild sexual activity or torture. A full 24 hours of either activity will cause it to lose a point of Urge.

Mixed blood curs lose one point of Urge each day as long as that day is relatively peaceful, relaxing, and uneventful.


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