The Vesian are a family known for their extreme pursuit of sensation. While the Ivorix are known for their libidos and the Ascania for their love of fine living, the Vesian put both of these families to shame. The Vesian crave sensations of all kind, sensual pleasure, varieties of food, drugs and chemicals, or even self inflicted pain. To the Vesian, all sensations are pleasurable and worthy of embracing. The Vesian are also known for their sadism, their desire to inflict pain (or pleasure or both) on others.

The Vesian have pale skin and black hair, though this hair often turns gray or white at a young age, while their eyes tend to be shades of gray. While many members of the Vesian family are ugly by human standards, others are breathtakingly, if somewhat eerily, beautiful. Regardless of their appearance, Vesian tend to have an intensity about them, a look in their eyes, that can intimate even the bravest souls. What ever usual features that a Vesian may have, they seem to become more pronounced with age, even extreme attractiveness. In addition to what ever strange physical characteristics a Vesian may have, many also have numerous scars, tattoos, or other marking that they have inflicted upon themselves for pleasure or to enhance their magical potential. In most cases, the Vesian dress conservatively in old fashioned but expensive clothes.

The Vesian are effectively immune to pain, they find any feeling pleasant no matter what harm it does to their bodies. They are some of the most physically resilient of all Cambions, able to endure terrible physical harm and recover quickly. Additionally, some Vesian have the ability to manipulate pleasure or pain as well as other sensations eventually. This could also include enhancing the pleasure provided by sensual activity, making the Vesian lovers without peer. Vesian of greater power can inflict pleasure or pain with a mere touch or, in some cases only a glance.

The Vesian are scholars among the Cambion families as well. They value learning and education, not only of conventional topics, but on magic and the supernatural. Unlike the other families of Cambions who study just magic, the Vesian see it as a science and so often combine elements of science with their magic for more amazing and sometimes dangerous effects. Many magical experiments of the Vesian go awry – which their amazing fortitude helps them survive. The Vesian are masters of alchemy especially, and are known for creating magical potions which have a variety of strange effects. In particular, the Vesian obsession with sensation and with exploring the limits of pleasure and pain, has lead them to developing a number of magical concoctions which can dramatically heighten the senses or can cause intense euphoria or terrible agonies. They also create a variety of devices that are unspeakable in their purpose and effects.

Many of the supernatural pleasures that a Vesian might inflict upon a mortal are highly addictive, in fact some of the most prized magical rituals of the Vesian allow them to bind mortal slaves to them through alternating painful and pleasurable effects. A Vesian may subject a mortal to this power over time, eventually turning the human into a willing slave. For addicted humans, the Vesian master will have a mystic control over their minds, with the control growing stronger with the greater sensation the human has been subjected to – especially when combined with the brand.

Vesian who study magic often carve magical symbols into their flesh or the flesh of others. These infernal symbols often confer magical effects and the carving requires a special ritual which prevents the regenerative abilities of a Cambion from healing them. In some cases, these symbols may confer not only powers to the recipient, but power over the recipient by the Vesian sorcerer. Many Vesian have their human slaves so marked, or branded as some call it. Common brands for mortal slaves allow the Vesian master to inflict pleasure or pain on the slave from miles away, give them telepathic commands, or even sense their emotions.

Though members of the Vesian family family often find it difficult to interact with modern mortal society, with mortal slaves from various walks of life, includes business and politics, the Vesian do command quite a bit of influence and power. Despite being willing to do terrible things, some Vesian have a sense of honor when dealing with each other and even when dealing with mortals or other Cambions. They often only target people for truly unpleasant activities who they feel are dishonorable or deserving, and for the more innocent mortals they enslave, they feel protective or believe the relationship ultimately beneficial for the human. Many Vesian become involved at some point with organized crime, though often the criminals the Vesian deal with fail to live up to their sense of honor and end up the victims of Vesian depravity.



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