Djinn Mechanics

Natural Form Powers

In their natural forms, all djinn are immune to fire, electricity, heat, extremely bright light, and other related types of energy. They are also immune to non-magical physical attacks, but cannot soak aggravated damage. They take aggravated damage from cold, darkness, and certain other magical attacks. They also take damage from water or from unusually low temperatures, see below.

Djinn may spend a point of Hayawia and roll Jahim with each success healing one level of bashing or lethal damage, this may require splitting their dice pool..

Djinn are invisible to mundane humans and animals, though they can be seen by supernatural creatures.

Djinn have a Strength of 0 in their natural form at least when trying to manipulate physical objects, they can still use their Strength normally against each other or creatures made of spirit or flame. They effectively fail at any strength related task that a human might have to roll for. Alternatively, they receive a bonus of +2 Dexterity in their natural form and all Dexterity related rolls are at -2 difficulty.

Djinn can fly and hover about, though only at half of their normal walking speed and no faster.

Physical Manifestation

When Djinn are physically manifested, they are more solid and tangible, gaining certain strengths and weaknesses. Normally, physically manifesting requires a point of Hayawia to be spent and lasts for a scene. In this form they can soak damage with Stamina – lethal, bashing, or aggravated. They also take no damage from water but take aggravated damage from cold attacks which would normally inflict lethal damage on humans and they still suffer certain other effects from cold, see below. In physical form they are no longer invulnerable to fire, heat, light, electricity, or radiation, though they may soak such damage at a -2 difficulty with Stamina and treat it as bashing damage.

In physical form, djinn are weaker than their appearance would indicate, and suffer a +2 difficulty to all Strength rolls and can only lift half as much as their Strength score would indicate. The advantage they have, is that their Dexterity receives a +1 bonus and the difficulty of Dexterity rolls is reduced by 1.

Healing in physical form requires 1 Hayawia per health level healed. Aggravated damage requires 5 Hawawia and 1 Willpower per level healed.


Djinn are vulnerable to a number of natural and unnatural forces. In their natural form, they take damage from water. This damage is aggravated and cannot, ironically, be soaked.

A small amount of water, such as a spray from a water gun, water balloon, or a cup splashed on them does 1 die of lethal damage. A water hose or bucket of water would do 2 dice. A fire hose or other massive spray would do 3 dice of damage. Rain does damage as well, between 1-3 dice per turn turned on the severity of the rain, from a faint drizzle to downpour. Shelters can negate some or all of this damage. This damage is at a 8 difficulty to soak for normal water, for those djinn who have the ability to soak it, though an equivalent quantity of ice water, snow, or ice inflicts aggravated damage and cannot be soaked. Water only damages djinn in their natural fiery form, in human form they take no damage from it.

Cold weather saps away the energy of djinn and can even destroy them. In temperatures of 80 degrees or colder, a djinn loses 1 Hayawia each day. In temperatures below 60, this increases to 1 Hayawia every scene or hour. In temperatures below 40, this is 2 Hayawia every hour or scene, and so on in 20 degree increments. Djinn take lethal damage when they run out of Hayawia from this and can be eventually destroyed from low temperatures. Being in human form effectively increases the temperature by 20 degrees.

Additionally, in low temperatures, djinn become physically weaker and slower. The difficulty of all physical actions increases by 1 in temperatures below 70, by 2 in temperatures below freezing, and by 3 in temperatures below zero. This applies in both human and fiery forms. Heavy winter clothing can be worn to reduce this penalty by 1.

Cold damage, from such things as liquid nitrogen, supernatural cold or darkness, and other such attacks cause aggravated damage to djinn and can’t normally be soaked in any form.


Hayawia represents the magical energy within a djinn, that force which animates them and allows them to use their powers and to continue existing. A djinn can have up to as much Hayawia as its Willpower and Jahim combined. They can regain this power from a number of different sources. Physical energy such as warmth, fire, heat, and light can provide them with (power) though they can gain even more from humanity and their positive emotions such as love, affection, entertainment, or the like. Each scene spent being exposed to intense physical energy, such as standing in a fire or basking in the full light of the sun on a hot day can restore 1 point of Hayawia. Each scene of being in the middle of a bunch of humans being the center of attention or engaging in some intimate activity allows the djinn to make a Charisma (plus an appropriate skill) roll with a difficulty based on the nature of the situation, though 7 is typical. Each success gives the djinn one point of Hayawia though botches remove points. Merely observing humans in a state of pleasure or enjoyment, such as being invisible at a party, restores 1 point of Hayawia per scene.

Djinn Mechanics

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